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The history of Osaka Norin Kaikan
-Photo of exterior of the building at postwar-
5th year of the Showa era (in 1930)
This building was designed by Mitsubishi Estate as the Osaka branch office of Mitsubishi Corporation.
The building was one of the works which trained up well-known architects including Josiah Conder who was a member of Mitsubishi Estate, Tatsuzo Sone, Hideo Mamizu, Katsuya Yasuoka, and Kotaro Sakurai.
24th year of the Showa era (in 1949)
After the building was sold off by Mitsubishi Corporation, it was used as the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry – material adjustment office, food office, food distribution department, sugar department of Kansai. Then, it was registered as Osaka Norin Kaikan Co., Ltd.
47th year of the Showa era (in 1972)
Osaka Norin Kaikan Co., Ltd. acquired shares from Mitsubishi Corporation, and continued to manage it as an office building.

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