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Please always read our policy following for individual personfs information.

Privacy Policy

Osaka Norin Kaikan Co., Ltd. (the "Company," hereinafter) recognizing importance of personal information (name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and other specific information), shall strive for appropriate handling and through protection of such information.

About collection of personal information

The company may collect personal information from time to time on the occasion of the use of our site, in order to continue offering of better service. The range of the personal information to collect shall be assumed to the minimum for accomplishment of the purpose and, in the handling of it we shall comply with the laws and regulation concerning the personal information protection and the several internal rules of the company.

About management and protection of personal information

Concerning the personal information of the user that we have collected, we shall perform appropriate management, and shall strive for the prevention of loss, destruction, unjust access and divulgence of such information. The personal information of the user thus collected shall never be disclosed without an agreement the user concerned. In addition, there shall never be an occasion when the personal information is read by another user by the access to the site of our company.

About use of personal information

We shall use the personal information of the user in the following purposes.

  • - To communicate about the information of our service and the products appropriately
  • - To verify customer identification of the user when using our services
  • - To improve the site to be more satisfied with
  • - To develop new services
  • - To contact user as necessary